Pavel Skripkin

I'm a UI designer and prototyper who loves outer space.

My favorite part of work is solving problems and finding order in what seems to be chaos. I love to build complex systems in which all the parts obey the general principles of the whole. I favor function over form and advocate the correct user experience and extraordinary attention to detail.

I think of myself as half designer, half programmer, and a smidgen entrepreneur. I love new projects. If you've got one and think I may be able to help, just shoot me an email. :)

As for personal interests, I love the history of automobiles, watching some of today's TV shows, and psychology.

My interest in automobiles comes from the fact that making a car is like creating a user interface: you have to find the balance between engineering limitations, convenience, and appearance. TV shows offer me a view of social groups - albeit through the prism of a camera - that I don't encounter in ordinary life. I'm drawn to psychology, because it lets me look at lots of people and situations from a different point of view, teaches me not to judge or lose my cool, and teaches me to try to understand the crux of the matter.


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The smart email app for managing all
your accounts on iOS and Android.

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This is an Adobe Photoshop CC extension for collecting, exporting, and storing graphical resources for various mobile platforms and the web. And I’m lucky to be a coauthor.

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And dozens of other projects for noble companies like Mail.Ru, My.Com, etc. Look at portfolio in PDF.

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British Higher School of Art and Design 2014 & 2015

User Experience Russia 2014

Dribbble Meetup 2014